I paint with an emphasis on expressing LIFE (the spirit and the soul) which is the expression of my love for the natural world and its creatures. From the heart of my Incan cultural comes my love and respect for nature. I honor my love of nature and man by painting with a balance of rhythm http://www.cheapairmax97shoesforsale.com/ , harmony, and movement. This is the tradition of my people the Incans Indians of Peru, and the Chinese Philosophers which I studied at the Central Institute of Fine Arts of China. Thus, when I paint, the animals have a voice, the spirit of nature speaks cheap air max china , and man travels in harmony with nature and God.

Use of Color & Patterns

I render an emotional tone of the rhythm of the Incan Indian life through my vibrant use of color. I use bright and radiant combinations of reds, turquoises, purples, and oranges, which characterize the textiles and ceramics of the Peruvian Andean. It is believed that the colors appease the spirits so that they will be happy and will not bring forth darkness. I employ simple swirling patterns to transmit a sense of the peace and harmony that radiate from the Incan Indians close interrelation to the land. It is this sense of the sacredness in nature that comes from deep within my works.