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    Spam? NO!!! iTech Forum Sponsor Team--Waiting for you!

    One of our rules at the site is that you may not post any type of sales related topics without becoming a vendor first. If you are here to recommend your product, please STOP! You will be banned. End of story.
    Using our resources to get free advertising is not something we are willing to allow.
    We will continue to remove posts which mention such schemes and we will continue to ban members who insist on abusing our forums in this manner.
    So your spam will last a few minutes, maybe even an hour or two, but it will be removed and so will you.

    However, If you think our forum is suitable for your product and would like to help support our awesome community by becoming a sponsor we can work with you to create a special area for your posts. If so, you could PM me to discuss the details about the cooperation.

    We are waiting for you at iTech Forum! Donít let us wait so long~~

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