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    How to transfer all data from iphone to iphone xr?

    The iPhone XR is wider than some of today's other popular large-screen Android smartphones and at 194g, it's certainly one of the heavier ones as well. It is also noticeably thicker than the two more premium iPhone models of 2018, and the bezels around its display are a little more pronounced than those of the iPhone XS, though most users won't be be bothered by the latter.

    Where you will have to settle for last year's technology is the display itself — and it's not even display technology from last year's most expensive iPhone, as the iPhone XR uses the same LCD tech as the iPhone 8.

    If you want a simple way of data transmission, you'd better apply the phone to the telephone transfer to help you. Well-designed and very powerful Mobile Transfer is considered the best data recovery software. It can transfer contacts, text messages, photos and other file types from the iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, etc. to anywhere without any loss of one-click operation.

    Apart from being fully compatible with iOS 12 and Android 7.0, it also works well with Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Google, Huawei, Motorola, ZTE and more smartphones and tablets. More importantly, you don't have to worry that your personal information will be stored in software or any kind of cloud, because Phone to Phone Transfer will only read the information on your device to complete the transfer and transfer all data from iphone to iphone xr.

    Step 1. Connect the device to the compute

    First, please start the telephone-to-telephone connection, and then enter the "telephone-to-telephone connection" on the computer. Secondly, please successfully connect the iPhone and the iphone xr to the computer.

    Step 2. Select the file and start transferring

    Here, you can see the file types that Phone to Phone Transfer supports replication.

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    I adore IPhone games!

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    So if you love such things, I can advise you to learn some information on this source -, I found it some days ago and it's quite informative. After reading you will know more facts about free apps.

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    To transfer data between different device,you could use phone to phone data transfer program,which is specially designed for data transferring between different device.What's more,before transferrfing,you could preview and choose the target files to transfer.

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    Speaking of phone data transfer, the most convenient way is to ask a professional mobile transfer tool for help. Here MobiKin Transfer for Mobile is what you need.It will plug your devices into compute and enables you to transfer data easily.

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    Not only iTunes, but also Mobile Phone Transfer tool can help us transfer all data from iphone to iphone xr. After you installed it on your computer, start it. Link iPhone and iPhone XR to computer via usb cable or wifi. A short time scanning later, data like contacts,notes(ios11 above not supported), calendars,bookmarks,books will be displayed. Then you can choose them to transfer.
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