Vacuum Annealing Furnace Characteristics

Vacuum annealing furnace is composed of two fixed hearth and a fixed furnace body at one end of 14 meters and a movable heating cover. The fixed hearth bears the vacuum muffle tank. The workpiece is heated in the vacuum muffle tank. The furnace temperature uniformity is higher (< 10 C); the all-fiber energy-saving lining can save more than 30% energy compared with the composite brick lining.

The movable hood is equipped with one end and vacuum muffle tank sealed fixed furnace door, the fixed furnace body is equipped with one end and vacuum muffle tank sealed fixed furnace door, the other end is open type, and has a sealing device, so that when combined with the movable hood and the furnace mouth are sealed firmly and reliably and naturally sealed. The side knife type soft seal is used between the hearth and the hood. The side knife of the hearth is inserted into the fiber of the hood when the hood enters the furnace, which makes the sealing between the hearth and the outside of the furnace adiabatic and simple and reliable. Roller grooves are arranged on the load-bearing base of muffle tank, and load-bearing rollers are placed in the groove, so that the muffle tank can move forward and backward freely when it expands and contracts.

A strong cooling fan and pipeline are installed at the end of the hearth, which can speed up the cooling speed after the heating process of muffle tank and improve the utilization rate of the furnace. Intelligent temperature program control system with high precision adopts Fuji high precision PID intelligent temperature control instrument. The program of heating and insulation can be set by itself, and the working condition of each zone can be controlled automatically by program. The temperature record adopts medium and long drawing with paper recorder, which can record the working condition of each zone of the furnace synchronously. This type has intuition. The temperature measurement and control points are set at the bottom and top of the furnace to control the furnace temperature balance within the allowable range, reduce the deformation of muffle tank during heating and cooling, prolong the service life of muffle tank and facilitate operation. The equipment has high degree of automation, safe and reliable operation, long service life and convenient operation and maintenance.

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