Vacuum Coating Technology for Piston Vacuum Pump

Vacuum coating, in fact, is a technology of producing thin film material by physical method. This technology can effectively protect liquid ring vacuum pump and reduce pump damage. It can be separated from the heating source and hit the surface of the plated pump. Today we will introduce the vacuum coating technology in detail.

Vacuum coating technology is an important branch of piston vacuum pump application technology. It has been widely used in the fields of optics, electronics, energy development, physical and chemical instruments, construction machinery, packaging, civil products, appearance science and scientific research. The main methods of vacuum plating are evaporation plating, sputtering plating, ion plating, beam stacking plating and molecular beam epitaxy. In addition, there is chemical vapor deposition method.

If the purpose of vacuum coating is to change the physical and chemical properties of the piston vacuum pump, this technology is an important part of the piston vacuum pump surface disposal technology. This paper gives a brief introduction to its several main applications. In optics, a thin film or layers of different substances coated on the surface of an optical glass or quartz can be used as a high reflection or non-reflection (i.e. antireflective film) or reflective or transmissive material in any desired proportion, as well as a filter for absorbing one wavelength and transmitting another.

High reflective film of piston vacuum pump is needed from large aperture astronomical telescopes and various lasers to Jasmine coated windows of new buildings. Antireflective coatings are widely used in photography and various laser start-ups, as well as coated glass for windows of new buildings, which are in great demand. Antireflective coatings are widely used in the lens of cameras and television cameras. Vacuum coating plays an important role in electronics. Various range of inherited circuits. Conductive film, insulating film and maintenance film should be used in memory, arithmetic unit and notification logic element. The chromium film is used as the mask of the fabrication circuit.

In a word, the vacuum coating technology of piston vacuum pump is actually to produce a kind of protective film to protect the vacuum pump through physical method. Although this method can reduce the number of cleaning times of the pump, in order to make the pump use longer, it is necessary to clean regularly.

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