Knowing how popular customisation was becoming back in the Vans Authentic Black Friday Sale, Steve van Doren decided to offer the particular perk of including many panels along with styles that anybody could tweak to their liking, giving the Vans Old Skool shoe a life of its own and each pair having its own separate identity.

Whatís black and white and being seen all Vans Old Skool Black Friday Sale? Vans sneakers. Vans, specifically in black and white has taken over Instagram and street style, grabbed by fashion editors and rappers who have nothing to do with skateboarding. Perhaps itís because of how easily they pair with almost every outfit. Here are Green Label-approved outfit tips for this classic/of-the-moment sneaker. Bonus points if you try a few at once!

Well, letís be Vans SK8-HI Black Friday Sale, with this little shoe guide we probably did not make the choice for your next pair of Vans easier. Vans has simply released too many good designs in the last 50 years. So we may have to give them a new slogan: Vans Ė Gotta Catch íem All!