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The other interesting part of this Camaro is that it could be considered an admission from Chevy that they didn't quite nail the looks of the 2019 Camaro SS. You see, this glowing show car is an SS, but the front fascia is very clearly different from the production model. The production SS has a giant black center that blends in with the rest of the grilles, and features the bowtie badge square in the middle.
Inside you find upwards of 2,500 employees working on everything NVIDIA. The open floor plan gives the building a massive feel that we can only compare to an airport terminal due to how large the expanse is and the tall clean white ceiling. Speaking of the ceiling there are 245 triangular skylights above on the roof unique undulating shape.
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With a planned sampling in Q4 2018, we might expect volume production to be nearer Q2 2019. This means that the next generation of consumer focused graphics, perhaps using the newer Navi architecture, will be in the mid 2019 timeframe. According to AMD roadmaps, it is committed to demonstrating Vega on 7nm, Navi on 7nm, and a design on 7+ before the end of 2020.