activist rahul easwar's bail rejected
DR: OMG!! Polly's backstory is the most intriguing and I thought Quiet Ann had new depths. So now I have to see Polly and her sister together. (I can't be the only one thinking that she might have killed her and assumed her identity? But if she did that, then why would she admit it so freely to Marnie?) And remember when Marnie sought out Polly when her mom was not in the picture? Is it teen angst?.
In last week blog post on the 5Nuts and Bolts of the Traumatized Brain (Part 1), I talked about the role of the amygdala in the stress response of individual with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). One in four survivors of trauma will develop PTSD (van der Kolk, 2015). Our brain amygdala runs in overdrive like a fire alarm gone awry when triggered by trauma.
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While you're rooting around in the linen filled boxes, unpack enough bedding to set up beds for everyone who is actually going to be sleeping at your house. If your friends aren't staying over, don't bother with the guest rooms you can take time later in the week or next week to get to that. For now, concentrate on the kids' rooms and your master suite.
The report shows how the pharmaceutical industry funneled money to organizations that, in some cases, downplayed the risks of opioid use and promoted their use. Some of the groups criticized guidelines on opioid prescribing issued in 2016 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and attempted to limit accountability for overprescribing by lobbying against laws. They also minimized the risk of addiction.
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