25 most influential people on the internet in 2017
Let me start by saying that it was difficult to create this list. Think about it, I am trying to pick the best verses from the Bible about a particular topic. Are there really best verses, or are there just those that have impacted us more than others? I tend to think the latter..
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The Leafs travelled to Washington late Thursday night and were given Friday off, though that was not originally in the plans. Before the (Detroit) game, use it as a little bit of bait, might be a nice day to walk around in Washington, Babcock said, tongue in cheek. Didn want to listen to me and I didn want to run practice, so it worked out perfect.
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Sam thought her mum had left through choice, so didn report the disappearance to the police. Meanwhile, Russell was telling friends and colleagues she had run off with another man. A local journalist tells Mark she spoke to Carole mother, who told her Russell had cut off contact between her and her parents.