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    Oil-free Vacuum Pump in Coating Industry

    Oil-free Vacuum Pump in Coating Industry

    Vacuum coating technology is an important branch of vacuum application technology. It is widely used in the fields of electronics, optics, energy development, physical and chemical instruments, packaging, civil products, engineering machinery, general science and scientific research. The main methods of vacuum plating are evaporation plating, sputtering plating, ion plating, beam deposition plating and molecular beam epitaxy. In addition, there are chemical vapor deposition. If the purpose of coating with oil-free vacuum pump is to change the physical and chemical properties of materials, the process is also an important part of the vacuum coating process.

    Firstly, in optics, the outline of optical glass or quartz is covered by one or more layers of bifurcation material film, and the oil-free vacuum pump can be made into high reflection or non-reflection (i.e. anti-reflection film) or reflection or transmission material at any required ratio. It can also be used as a filter for receiving one wavelength and transmitting another. From large-aperture astronomical telescopes and lasers to jasmine flowers on windows of new buildings, high-reflective coatings are needed. Antireflective coatings are widely used in photography and various types of lasers, starting with coated glass for new building windows. Antireflective coatings are widely used in cameras and TV cameras. Vacuum coating plays an important role in electronic technology.

    Various scales act as circuits. Memories, calculators and indicative logic elements should use conductive, insulating and protective films. Oil-free vacuum pumps are used as masks for manufacturing circuits. Tapes, disks, semiconductor lasers, Josephson devices, charge coupled devices (CCDs) have also been thrown away.

    The oil-free vacuum pump, video head, high density video tape and transparent conductive film in flat panel display device, photoconductive film of camera tube and aluminium lining of fluorescent screen of display tube are also prepared by vacuum coating method. In terms of components, nickel-chromium, chromium or cermet evaporated in vacuum can be made into resistors, aluminium, silica and titanium dioxide evaporated on plastics can be made into capacitors, selenium evaporated can be made into selenium drums of electrostatic copiers, barium titanate evaporated can be made into magnetostrictive acoustic elements, etc. Evaporation can also be used to fabricate superconducting thin films and bead coatings to reflect the great changes in inertial confinement.

    In addition, it can also produce superhard films such as jewelry, case, textile metal pattern, gold and silver wire, oil-free vacuum pump, sputtering or ion plating tools, dies and so on. In recent years, titanium products such as stainless steel plate, mirror, railings, handrails, bedstead and staircase railings have been prepared by multi-arc ion plating technology.

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    Oil free Vacuum Pump in Coating Industry

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