Vacuum Furnace Classification

Vacuum furnace is mainly used for sintering metal powder products, metal injection forming products, cemented carbide, ceramics, Nd-Fe-B, stainless steel non-woven fabrics, etc.

The structure of the high temperature vacuum sintering furnace is basically the same as that of the vacuum heat treatment furnace, except that appropriate changes are made according to the sintering process. Vacuum sintering furnaces are divided into double vacuum sintering furnaces and single outdoor pressurized gas-cooled vacuum sintering furnaces, which have two identical sintering furnaces, a common set of vacuum pumping system and electrical control system. In operation, the two furnaces are used for heating and cooling respectively and alternately.

The furnace has the functions of degreasing, pre-sintering and sintering in the same furnace at one time. The degreasing system includes external pipelines, vacuum valves, condensers, collectors and mechanical pumps. In order to meet the requirements of Nd-Fe-B sintering process, a vacuum unit with high vacuum and large pumping speed should be equipped in a single outdoor circulating pressurized gas-cooled sintering furnace. The structure of the furnace is the same as that of a single-chamber outdoor circulating pressurized gas quenching vacuum furnace.

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