Determining the Quality of Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a truly unique fashion accessory because not only can they add flair to a summer outfit, they are also an important tool to help keep you safe when the sun is shining bright. Itís for this reason that itís imperative to buy a quality pair of sunglasses. Sorting out the cheap imitators from the high quality manufacturers can be difficult, so here are a few of the major differences to look for when shopping for sunglasses

UV Protection

One of the key features to look for in a quality pair of sunglasses is lenses that offer UV protection. While price isnít always an indicator of the level of protection or quality offered by a pair of sunglasses, there are many cheap pairs on the market today that offer little to no protection against UV rays. Ultraviolet radiation, when unchecked, can lead to many eye problems including cataracts and even cancer. Even if a pair of sunglasses does boast UV protection, it doesnít mean it offers adequate protection. In order to provide adequate protection for your eyes, sunglasses need to be able to block 95% of UVA and UVB light.

Frame Quality

A good indicator of the quality of a pair of sunglasses is the quality of the material used in the frames. Women Sunglasses While the lenses are doing most of the work, theyíre nothing without a durable frame. Cheap sunglasses will almost always have plastic frames, since plastic is extremely cheap to manufacture. Plastic is great for many things, but it poses a problem in sunglasses because it is not durable. It is also very sensitive to extreme temperatures, meaning it can melt or crack easily. Most high quality sunglasses use metal frames, as these hold up better in extreme conditions and generally provide better durability. Be sure to inspect the frames, however, as some cheap sunglasses will have metal frames made from cheap materials that bend easily.

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Although it doesnít reflect on the quality of the sunglasses themselves, a good warranty is important to help protect your investment. Most cheap sunglasses donít have any kind of warranty, and thatís because these companies know that their glasses will break easily. Any quality sunglass manufacturer will offer a warranty that guarantees their work. This also provides you with the security of knowing that your manufacturer cares about customer satisfaction, which is a good indicator that they arenít trying to rip off consumers with an inferior product.

Polarized Lenses

Cheap sunglasses often lack polarized lenses that reduce harmful glare. While glare isnít as harmful as UV radiation, it can pose problems for drivers and boaters. In heavy sunlight, the asphalt of the road or the surface of the water will reflect light to produce an intense glare. This can cause the driver or boater to become temporarily blinded, leading to potentially deadly accidents. Polarized lenses are able to reduce this glare, allowing drivers to safely navigate the road and boaters to sail safely.

Bottom Line

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In the final analysis, whatever style of sunglasses you choose, itís important to keep these factors in mind before making your purchase. Itíll help make sure your eyes and your wallet stay safe.

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