Banana is a fruit which is usually liked by all. It is a fruit yellow in color Kenley Jansen Jersey , containing mixture of carbohydrates and vitamins with natural fiber, therefore giving many health benefits. Banana is eaten when ripe directly or in fruit salad and shakes. This tasty sweet fruit is endowed with many potential health benefits such as weight loss, weight gain, constipation Justin Turner Jersey , kidney disorders, menstrual problems, intestinal disorders and anemia.

The fruit is high in vitamin A and B, which are important for development of tissues in eyes and calming the nervous system respectively. Banana is a natural source of potassium which helps in controlling blood pressure. It is an ideal fruit for people suffering from anemia as it improves the hemoglobin function due to its iron rich components. Also eliminates bacteria in the stomach and reduce acidity; therefore problem of ulcer reduces.

It is also believed that a regular intake of banana in your diet can help to reduce the possibility of stroke. In addition Joe Blanton Jersey , the fruit is an energy booster and prevents dehydration. It also relaxes a person as it contains an amino acid, tryptophan which is converted into serotonin by the body; therefore helps in improving mood. The fruit has the capability to prevent people from smoking as the combination of Vitamin A1, B6, B12 and C helps the body to recover from the effects of nicotine withdrawal. So enjoy the tasty fruit with various health benefits.

Beauty tips for men to look smarter

Beauty is no more a womenís area of perfection. Men are now much more conscious of their looks .This is so because the corporate world may significantly focus on your overall personality and you want your appearance noticed by all. With the changing modern lifestyle men are inspired to visit beauty salons to get some enhancement in their looks through facial Joc Pederson Jersey , massage, hair styling, and other treatments. Also the numbers of male beauty products are increasing that are suitable for their skin type. Enlisted below are some smart beauty tips for men:

Deep cleansing is very important to remove dirt and harmful agents. Use a mild soap or a natural cleanser which will make your skin look healthier.
Do apply a sunscreen with SPF 30 for skin protection
Use a face scrub twice a week to remove dead cells, whiteheads and blackheads.
Use a cream-based facial cleanser for shaving as it makes your skin smooth
Take care for your hair. Use hair color for gray hair and use conditioners according to your hair type
Use a lip balm to prevent the lips from getting chapped
Always wear clean and well ironed clothes
Stay away from alcohol and drinking as it dehydrates the skin; which gives a pale look
Most importantly do daily exercises to remain fit and have a good physique

Ajwain health benefits
Numerous health benefits are associated with ajwain to treat aliments such as piles Jackie Robinson Jersey , vomiting, abdominal pain, common cold, dry cough Hyun-Jin Ryu Jersey , nasal congestion, influenza, heartache, etc. Ajwain is useful in alleviating the pains of stomach and intestines; a very good digestive and anti-acidic agent. It helps to bring out the mucus easily and alleviates chronic bronchitis and asthma to a great extent. Ajwain oil can relieve the ear ache and also to get relief from pain in arthritis. You can cure your disorders by using ajwain in your food or consuming it directly.

If you will look for the ancient time Fernando Valenzuela Jersey , then you can find that people preferred to use urns in order to preserve the cremated remains of their loved ones. And this trend is still followed at different parts of the world. If you will look for the ancient time, then you can find that people preferred to use urns in order to preserve the cremated remains of their loved ones. And this trend is still followed at different parts of the world. But now the miniature form of urns has arrived in the market. Itís the keepsake jewelry that has managed to offer people a small version of the urn in which some ashes or cremated remains of your loved one can be placed and secured easily.

In some cultures, they still prefer to keep small amount of cremated ashes and the rest they use to bury or scatter in water or on land. This is how they are able to keep some portion of the cremated remains with them for a long time. But this time, the jewelry for ashes is designed to help you carry such remains with you even on the move. Once you wear such jewelry item that holds the cremated remains or ashes Enrique Hernandez Jersey , you will be able to find your deceased loved one close to your heart wherever you are or whatever you do. Now this is believed as the most powerful and effective way to maintain the presence of your deceased loved one.

There are also some cultures where they use to believe the heirloom as a piece of keepsake jewelry that is used by generation after generation. However, the demand and acceptance ratio for the cremation has increased a lot in the last few decades. Due to this reason the thought behind keepsake jewelry has been shifted from the heirloom to the jewelry for ashes. The increasing demand for keepsake jewelry has really managed to push the designers hard and they are now coming up with a wide range of jewelry items under this segment.