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    Post How to Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy S9 to Computer?

    According to South Korean media The investor reported that Samsung has completed the Samsung GALAXY S9 and S9 Plus hardware development work, and in October this year, began the trial, then plans to mass production in December this year. This means that if all goes well, the next generation of Samsung smart flagship will be more than this year's GALAXY S8 series earlier meeting with us.

    Not only that, the Samsung GALAXY S9 series has been a country line version of SM-G9600/DS, SM-G9608/DS and SM-G9650/DS respectively by the end of September and mid October will get radio type approval. By contrast, the Samsung GALAXY S8 series is obtained in the country for radio type approval two months after officially on sale, so the Samsung GALAXY S9 series development progress should be smooth many, very likely in February next year will start offering.

    Even if the most powerful phone, lots of Samsung S9 user lost photos from it. So, it's necessary to transfer Samsung S9 photos to computer for backup.

    Phone Transfer is the all-in-one yet easy-to-use data transfer tool that can directly Transfer Music, Contacts, Photos, Videos, Messages, Calendars, Apps and other files from one mobile phone to another. Besides, you can backup and restore your phone data by using this tool.

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    The first software is called Mobile Transfer, which is thoughtfully designed and very capable. It’s an all-in-one transfer tool.

    Tranfer photos from samsung s9 to computer

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    To Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy S9 to Computer, first link your Samsung Galaxy S9 to computer in MTP mode. Usually, we can access photos in that mode. If no, you can also ask help from Samsung mobile manager tool. It can help us access photos on Samsung Galaxy S9 and transfer them to pc.
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    Virus attack often happens to cell phone, especially Android phone. When you download some apps on your Samsung cell phone, other collateral apps may also be saved on it. And it has increased the risk greatly that your phone will be attacked by some malicious virus. To prevent this kind of thing from happening and protect the data on your cell phone, you need to transfer them to back them up on the computer. So you could use transfer software to help you do that. But the market is full of different backup program that you will be confused about which one to choose. To save your time and make sure that you get the best software, I've selected the most useful one for you. Here it is: MobiKin Samsung Photo Transfer or Samsung Photo Transfer for Mac. With its help, you can copy or sync photos between Samsung and PC freely. Not only photos, this software helps you export and import other files like contacts, apps, music and music, too.
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    This Samsung Photo Transfer - Samsung Backup Assistant (Windows/Mac), which is the most practical tool to help share files between Samsung and PC/Mac. By running it on computer, you can transfer photos between Samsung phone and computer with very simple operations.

    The Samsung Photo Transfer is the best tool to transfer photos between Samsung phone and computer (Windows PC or Mac). With it, you can easily transfer pictures from Samsung phone to computer or transfer images from computer to Samsung devices with one click. Before transferring, you can preview all photos from your device in thumbnails, select what you want to transfer and then selectively transfer Samsung photos individually or in batches as you like. What's more, you can also delete unwanted Samsung photos individually or in bulk on your computer if needed.
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    There is Samsung Assistant tool allows you to transfer photo from device to computer.With it,you can connect device to computer via WIFI/USB.And then you can transfer files between device and computer.

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