The CBF issued a statement on its official website on Thursday accompanied by a photograph of Zico shaking the hand of federation president Marco Polo Del Nero.

"Zico has our support for the candidacy Men's Nike Kyrie 3 Black Yellow For Sale ," Del Nero said. "If he gets the other four signatures, the CBF will endorse his bid."

Zico said he would run for the position in June, just days after Sepp Blatter announced his decision to resign.

An election to decide Blatter's successor is due to be held on February 26.

"I am happy with the response," Zico said. "It's important because I can only take my first step [for the candidacy] after receiving the positive signal from the CBF."

Zico, who was capped 89 times for Brazil and scored 66 goals Men's Nike Kyrie 3 N7 White For Sale , is currently the manager of Indian Super League outfit FC Goa.

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