Anyway, in the process of investigating this issue (and to Hoka’s credit, they replaced the shoe without question in a half size larger to see if that would help – great customer service!), I noticed that her toes were pushed way up into the front of the shoe. With all of her troubles, I’d never thought to check on how her shoes fit (I’m a bit embarrassed about this…). I thought maybe the Hokas ran small, so I ordered her a pair of Altra Torins in size 9 (her usual). Her toes looked like they were about to bust out of the front of the shoe! We sent them back and asked for a size 10 (a half size up would not have been enough). I had her try on her Altra Instinct 1.5’s (her favorite shoe), and sure enough she has very little room up front. She claims to have had her bunion her entire life, but now I’m beginning to wonder about the cause…Now, I have no idea if wearing small shoes might be contributing to some of her running troubles, but it’s been interesting to watch her reaction to the news that Nike Air Max Classic BW Mens she needs to be wearing larger shoes. “I’ve been a 9 since as long as I can remember…” was her initial response. She always “bought” a size 9 might be a more accurate way of portraying things. “I can’t be a size 10!” was another line I heard.Erin’s new new Bondi B’s Nike Air Max Classic BW Womens (size 9.5) and Altra Torins (size 10) have now arrived, and it’s been rather funny to see her reaction to wearing shoes that now fit. She’s already resigned that she can’t go back to wearing a lot of her old shoes, so a shipment to Soles 4 Souls might be on its way in the near Nike Air Max 2017 Femme future. I’m very interested to see how things go for her in the Torins – she likes the Hokas, but the abrasion in that spot is still an issue I worry about and I can’t shell out $150 repeatedly for shoes that last only 50 miles.The point of all this? As my friend Mark Cucuzzella likes to say, we Nike Air Max 270 Mujer have a foot size, not a shoe size. Don’t be stubborn about wearing the same size in every shoe just because it’s what you’ve always worn. Find shoes that fit your foot, regardless of what the numbers on the box say. You’ll be much happier if you do!I have short but Nike Air Vapormax Femme wide feet, so I’ve always had to fit the shoe to my foot rather than stick with one size. The good thing is because I have to fit the width of my feet (especially the left one that still has a bunion), my toes always have plenty of room.I had the right bunion surgically removed Adidas Superstar Mens in 2007 because it was causing other troubles. But why did I have two sizable bunions at 18? I do think it goes back to genetics for one, but also because for many years I wore very narrow boots with pointy toes. For several years I rode horses and those are style of typical riding boots. No matter Nike Air Presto Womens what we’re doing, we’ve got to be aware of the shoes on our feet and the potential consequences.