Latest Wholesale Price of Vacuum Furnace

The vacuum furnace produced by our company integrates control system and furnace, and has compact and beautiful structure. The furnace lining is made of high purity alumina ceramic fiberboard, which has small heat storage, good heat preservation and energy saving effect, light weight and small space occupation.

The shell adopts double-layer air-cooling structure to ensure that the surface temperature of the shell is close to room temperature. The temperature control system adopts 0.2-level intelligent instrument with industrial precision, PID control and 51-stage programmable automatic control. The vacuum furnace is widely used in Colleges and universities, scientific research institutes and enterprise laboratories. It is an ideal equipment for sintering, melting, analysis and development of metal, non-metal and other compound materials.

Vacuum furnace uses alumina fiber as lining, silicon carbon rod or silicon molybdenum rod as heating element. Distribution of diffusion pump or molecular pump vacuum unit. It is widely used in heat treatment and copper welding of metal materials in high vacuum, reducing and protective atmosphere. Externally closed vacuum tank with water cooling system, the whole machine has novel structure, easy operation and affordable price.

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