The temperature control system of vacuum furnace adopts an intelligent temperature control instrument with temperature control accuracy of 0.1%. According to the product process curve, a computer control program is compiled to control the temperature rise, heat preservation, cooling process and the operation of the temperature control instrument of the vacuum furnace. The automatic control of the vacuum furnace by the PC is stopped and the technical requirements of the temperature control of the process curve are realized.

Temperature control system can be set and stored, and each curve can be divided into multiple sections. Each temperature control curve has optional PID parameters and self-tuning function to ensure that there is no overshoot in the heating process. The system is suitable for multiple indexing thermocouples and pre-set heating and insulation curves.

The temperature controller outputs 4-20 mA current signal to the trigger unit, which converts the current signal into voltage signal. The output of the trigger unit controls the DC voltage and current of the excitation circuit, thus controlling the voltage and current of the electromagnetic regulation, and ensuring the vacuum furnace to be heated and kept warm according to the set curve. To complete temperature control, temperature sensing and control technology under vacuum is one of the key technologies of vacuum heat treatment process and equipment. The process of using vacuum furnace must be well mastered.

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