by the former residence of Chen Yun and the memorial hall of Comrade Mao Zedong in Shaoshan, the special exhibition of "the everyday life of the great Mao Zedong" opened yesterday in Chen Yun's former residence. The exhibition to commemorate the birth of Mao Zedong 118th anniversary planning design, divided into five parts: the simple clothes, and Jinhangjianyong, indifferent homely fare home,, industrious and frugal through a rich, informative, information, photos and precious cultural relics, to show the audience the great man's daily life.
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exhibit, a patch full of white pajamas is especially noticeable. It is a worn appearance, sleeves, breast, hem etc. even patch patch, that almost can not see the original cloth. The original is the last century at the beginning of 50s pajamas Beijing Dongjiaominxiang Raymond clothing store master Wang Ziqing Mao Zedong tailored specifically for alfalfa, cotton, spring and autumn two season can wear. Mao Zedong likes it very much. It takes 20 years to wear it. Because the fabric is thin, the early 60s of last century, pajamas elbow, collar, cuffs have broken holes, the staff repeatedly asked for replacement, he refused, and asked to break again. According to reports, the staff had to take advantage of the rest of Mao Zedong gave him for a new gown, but he woke up and found pajamas being changed, very unhappy, repeatedly asked the whereabouts of old pajamas, they had to take the gown and took out. In order to prolong the life of this Pajama, the staff do not dare to rub it with hand when they wash it, lest they should rub out a hole. Each time you can only use the washing powder bubble, and then carefully washed, washed, but also dare not force out, and a little careless, may pull a big hole. Until 1971, the pajamas couldn't be mended, and Mao Zedong had to agree to retire with it". At this time, pajamas are already on the inside and outside the 73 patch.
1990,, the general office of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party will keep most of Mao Zedong's daily necessities in Zhongnanhai, , and transfer it to the memorial hall of Comrade Mao Zedong in Shaoshan. These objects carved a deep personal imprint of Mao Zedong and provided a vivid example for the audience to understand a real Mao Zedong. All of the cultural relics on display are from the memorial hall of Comrade Mao Zedong in Shaoshan, including the copper ink box, brush, hot water bag, match box and biscuit bucket which were used by Mao Zedong before his death. (reporter Li Ting)
(source: Wen Wei Po)

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