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hot summer days, if not out of the workplace or important occasions, I believe that sandals must be relaxed with seven broad leg pants preferred. Whether it is very exotic band, or full word with modern design, can make you comfortable and fashionable.
white shoes
white shoes temperature has not retreated, with seven points wide leg pants, very high street sports breath, long walk is not worried about feet tired.
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hot flat this year, such as Muller, Mary Jane Dal and other flat shoes, seven points wide leg pants collocation cozy yet sweet flavor, very suitable for students girl, lady also can choose a career out of elegance.
high heels
it is low with retro or sexy stilettos, collocation of seven points wide leg pants can add a graceful, effortless walk with a rough, retro mean full, stiletto is field stronger, build more delicate woman.
specific choose double, see to the occasions and want to create a personal style to see ~
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