Baoji is located in the western end of Pingchuan, eight hundred Li in Shaanxi Province, and located in the western end of Weihe plain of the Yellow River tributary. It is an important political, economic, cultural and transportation center in the western part of China. It is a new medium industrial city in the northwest and the second largest city in Shaanxi province. Baoji is 179 kilometers east of Xi'an, and bordering Xianyang, Hanzhoung, Gansu, Tianshui, Pingliang and other places. Climate: temperate climate, mild climate, adequate rainfall, annual average temperature of 13 degrees Celsius, annual precipitation of 710-1000 millimeters. Baoji is called Chen Cang. In ancient times, the two clan of Jiang and Ji lived, thrive, thrive and flourish. According to legend, Yan Emperor Shen Nong was born on the river of Jiang River in Baoji. He taught agriculture and medicine, and left a brilliant page in the history of our country. Three thousand years ago, the Zhou clan grew and built up a strong Zhou Dynasty based on Baoji. The later Qin Dynasty took the Yongcheng of Fengxiang as the base, and the horse encouraged soldiers to unite China at one stroke, and established a unified Qin Dynasty. The new stone culture site of North Zeng Ling, which has a history of more than 7000 years ago, is famous for the Zhou Yuan site, the ancient ruins of Yongcheng, the relics of the Famen Temple, the Buddhist relics and the Buddhist relics and the Tang and 90% palace sites, which are the crown of the Chinese Palace. The history of archaeology, the history of architecture, and the history of religion are of great importance, as well as in the history of religious development. It is a rare treasure in the history of world civilization. Landscape: Longmen cave, Zhou Gong temple, Qishan County - five Zhangyuan, Diaoyutai,, Taibai Mountain, Guoshan pasture,, Famen Temple and so on.
宝鸡位于陕西省八百里平川的西端, 位于黄河支流*河平原的西端,是我 西部一个重要的政治、经济、文化、 交通的*心,是西北地区一座新兴的 **工业城市,为陕西省第二大城市。 鸡市东距西安179公里,与咸阳、汉* 、甘肃、天水、平凉*地、市接壤。 候:属温带气候,气候温和,雨量充 ,年平均气温13摄氏度,年降水量710-1000毫米。 宝鸡古称陈仓。远古时期,姜、姬二 族先后生息、繁衍、壮大、昌盛于* 相*炎帝神农氏就出生在宝鸡的姜水 河畔,他教农耕、创医药,在我国历 上留下了光辉的一页。三千年前周部 以宝鸡为基地,发展壮大,建立了强 大的周王朝。后秦人又以凤翔雍城为 地,秣马励兵,一举统一了*国,建 了大一统的秦王朝,bonnet canada goose femme。距今已有7000多年历史的北首*新石 文化遗址,,举世闻名的周原遗址,雍城先秦遗 ,法门寺地宫文物和佛指舍利以及是 *国离宫之*的唐九成宫遗址*都在* 国的文化史,考古史、建*史以及宗 发展史上具有重要地位,也是世界文 史上罕见的瑰宝。 景观:龙门洞、周公庙、岐山县-五丈原、钓鱼台、太白山、关山牧场 法门寺*。