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    Backing up Notes using iFoneBox, and freeing up Space on the iPhone.


    I have an iPhone 5, running iOS 8.4.1

    I am testing the Trial version of iFoneBox.

    I have tested Trial and Full versions of other backup/restore software for the iPhone, but have not yet found one that does what I am looking for, and would am seeking feedback on the capabilities of iFoneBox.

    Apple's iTunes allows me open to backup their iPhone, but not view most of the items on their iPhone, e.g., Notes.

    Every time that I have tried recovery a Backup from iTunes, I get an error message saying that the backup is corrupted.

    So, I end up having to reenter all of my Notes, etc. I don't trust iTunes anymore for doing backups and am seeking a 3rd party program to use instead, but haven't found one that saves files in the form that I had them on the iPhone.

    If a have a Note on the iPhone, that has Bold, Italic, spaces, and carriage returns in it so that it appears formatted, and then save it off to a 3rd party program, the 3rd party program will remove any formatting and save it as plain text or maybe as plain text with HTML commands. When I try to import the Notes back to the iPhone, the formatting is lost and the Notes appear as plain text, usually as a continuous string of information or with HTML tags, e.g., <p><b>Test</b></p? instead of Test.

    Does iFoneBox save the Notes in a formatted form, so when they are read back into the iPhone, they look like they were when they were initially created on the iPhone ... formatted, with Bold, Italic, spaces, and carriage returns ?

    If I save my Notes off to my PC laptop, can I then easily edit them, with formatting, to then import to the iPhone ?

    The Mail app on my iPhone continues to chew up free space ... its size continues to increase. iFoneBox does not have an icon to be able to view, edit or delete email messages. Do you know how to fix this problem, so that "garbage information" can be removed from the iPhone ?

    When I view Contacts, Notes, etc. with the Trial version, deleted items are shown in red/orange text.

    Can these deleted items be permanently removed from the iPhone to free up space and no longer show up in the lists ?
    If so, how ?

    Thank you

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    More info:
    Quick Guide: Backup & Restore Line Chat History on iPhone
    The Best Way to Backup Line Chat history - FoneDog - iOS Apps Backup & Restore
    If you don’t want to experience going through these hassles of manually doing the backup and restore process, you can always look for another option which is to use third party software to ease your burdens. FoneDog - iOS Apps Backup & Restore easily backs up your Line Chat history in just a single click. The software also lets you preview on those chat histories before you can restore them. Since Line Chat does not have a backup for all their media contents, FoneDog - iOS Apps Backup & Restore will save your precious memories and restore it for you plus it is compatible with all iOS devices. You don’t need to earn a technical degree just to use this software, it is so simple and easy to use that everyone can actually manage it. So if ever you are wondering where and how to use this software, find out below:
    Step1. Download FoneDog - iOS Apps Backup & Restore program
    Step2. Launch the iOS Line Backup and Restore and Connect iPhone
    Step3. Start Backup
    Step4. Line Backup Completed
    Step5. Choose backup file
    Step6. Restore Line Chat History from backup

    Video Guide: How to Backup & Restore Line Chat History on iPhone

    Hope it help you.

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    Using iPhone recovery tool, you can recover and backup iPhone notes and free up space on iPhone.

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