Another brilliant story of
's entry into the shoe industry is the history of Xiao Long's women's shoes in Bazhong,, Sichuan. Unlike B2B, the business model of women's shoes is B2C, which is directly sold to consumers.
85 after Xiao Long, is undoubtedly a legend. It started in school in 2008 and borrowed 30 thousand dollars to register in 2009. He is the seventh merchant in Chengdu to be stationed in the Taobao mall. By 2013, the electric business output and sales of the women's shoes were the first in the southwest. In 2016, about 1000000 pairs of women's shoes were sold, with sales of 200 million.
in the innovation of marketing, he also followed the trend of modern compact, live show shoes on the Internet, has accumulated 350 thousand fans. Through the mode of testing the shoes by the direct seeding model,, the ordinary consumers can intuitively feel the women's shoes under the PS halo and further promote the sales of the shoes .

"Sichuan shoes business is very much, hope that the future more electricity supplier brands out of Sichuan. We will also continue to learn from the experience of the excellent industrial model, and may join the star, the net red and so on to attract the young people. Xiao Long said.

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