serious discipline, physical work, physical exchange exhibition site material. Newspaper reporter Ma Ming photo

to create a delicate gas is the general environment, ensure the general work smoothly, yesterday morning, at the site of the city district leadership groups work forum, municipal Party Committee Organization Department held a "county work serious discipline real exchange exhibition", from the county, the relevant units of the party committees (party) leaders, the organization and personnel department the organization departments responsible comrades and cadres supervision staff a total of more than 500 people visited the exhibition.
million exhibits are rich and varied,
reporter saw at the scene,, the city's 16 districts and counties and Binhai New Area, Tanggu,, Hangu, Dagang Work Committee, respectively, exhibited different types of work in kind. A wide variety of exhibits, including warning, reminder cards, bookmarks, folding table, TV announcement warning card, undertaking, image data, learning materials, including more than 310 kinds, a total of more than 11000 pieces of real. Among them, the "5 forbidden, 17 No and 5 uniform" discipline requirements, learning and publicity of physical exhibits, there are more than 6000.
comic interpretation, easy to understand,
at the exhibition site, the Hongqiao district's serious, disciplined work comic show, with an easy to read cartoon, has been widely acclaimed by visitors. "Strictly prohibited canvassing bribery, buying and selling,, no official positions......" Reporters saw, in the past with serious faces of discipline requirements, now in the form of comics, condensed and exaggerated artistic techniques to show,chaussure de Basket Air Jordan XXX2, vivid, witty, humorous, thought-provoking. Hongqiao District Organization Department staff told reporters that they prepared more than 500 "serious discipline to ensure the general integrity and interpretation of Comic Reader" poster has just launched soon for more than half of visitors.
penholder, desk lamp has profound meaning,
in the physical exhibition, a lot of ingenuity in kind, so that visitors at first glance, and played a "education first, warning first, prevention first" role of publicity. Binhai New Area, Hedong District, Ninghe county will change on leading cadres discipline manual work, so that they can see each turn manual related discipline; Hexi District will be printed with "serious discipline, to ensure delicate gas is sent to the notes of the cadres and the masses; Jinghai county is on the lamp printed on the warning, let the leading cadres can always see the general discipline requirements at work; Baodi District of the" right of living "and other warnings printed on the pen, when the leading cadres take pen signature, marking files can see the warning, reminding them of the pen component.

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