in the age of micro-blog, everyone's life was deeply influenced by the wave of knowledge, while the Internet was a timeless classroom. The TechWeb team will pick out every wonderful comment to the readers.
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today is the first working day of 2016, and the journey of the new year has just begun. You know, time is the most fair existence for everyone. It doesn't increase or decrease. It is there.
five years, for the ever-changing pace of modern development, it has been enough to happen earthshaking changes. Compared with today, the world of five years ago is quite different. Back in 2010, apple just opened the tablet era, Win7 just came out, Google failed in the Chinese market, difficult.. Today, with the progress of science and technology, including , U disk,Air Jordan 1 Flyknit BHM 2018, cash check password key, remote control, paper media such as the 5 daily activities in the next 5 years will gradually be eliminated, even disappeared in .
see the password to be replaced when the heart is frozen chicken, to know the survey, an average of 19 per user password, he is one of the victims of information, light to remember so many password to a lot of brain cells. And as biometric technology develops, then the physical key will disappear, replacing the biometric key associated with your own identity, which means that only you can manipulate them, and it's cool to think about it!
but not for nearly five years, said the first apple iPhone mobile phone 2G launched in 2007, was only up to 16G of memory, until now there is news that iPhone6s and iPhone6s Plus recently sold poorly, apple intends to advance to the iPhone7 market in April, and today the latest news, the former iPhone6s Plus maximum body storage for 128GB, but also the highest price version, with everyone on the mobile phone capacity demand increases, iPhone7 iPhone7 and Plus body storage may upgrade to 256GB!
even more gratifying is that the endurance has also improved. Of course, the price is appropriate to break 7000, but it is not what the fruit powder.
know Chinese domestic mobile phone millet led the prominent is a cost-effective, recently, according to Yonhap reported that South Korean young consumer group by preference once the high-end smart terminal steering low-end products popular, and intelligent mobile phone China with high price began to be favored.
always keep in a high level compared to the price of the Samsung mobile phone in Korea, Chinese popular for Samsung heart shadow area..>

在微博时代,每个人的生活都深深的 知识浪潮所影响,而互联网则是永不 时的课*。TechWeb团队将每天挑选出 彩评论,以飨读者。
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今天是2016年的首个工作日,新的一年 程才刚刚开始。要知道,时间对于每 个人来说是最最公平的*在,不增不 ,不多不少,就在那里。
五年时间对日新月异的现代发展脚* 说,已经足够发生天翻地覆发变化了 与当今相比,五年前的世界大不一* 。回想2010年,苹果才刚开启平板电脑 代,Win7才刚出来,谷*在*国市场 利举*维艰。。而今天,随着科技进 *,包括现金支票、U盘、口令密钥、 控器、纸媒体*在内的5类日常用品活 动将在今后5年内逐*被淘汰,甚至销 匿迹。
当看到密*要被取代时内心简直是鸡 的,要知道调查显示,每名用户平均 用19个密*,自己就是信息受害者之 ,光记住这么多密*就要了很多脑细 胞。而随着生物识别技术发展,以后 理密钥也将消失,取而代之以与*本 特征有关的生物密钥,这意味着只有 *才能够操作它们,想想简直都太酷 !
而不说近五年,就说2007年发售的第一 苹果手机iPhone 2G,当时只有最多16G的内*,到现如今 有消息称,iPhone6s与iPhone6s Plus近日销量不佳,苹果有意将iPhone7提 前至4月上市,而今天最新消息,之前i Phone6s Plus的最大机身*储为128GB,同时也是 *最高的版本,随着大家对手机容量 需求增大,iPhone7与iPhone7 Plus的机身*储可能会升级到256GB!
更可喜的是,*航能力也提升了。当 ,价*也相应要*7000了,不过对果粉 来说也没什么啦。
都知道*国国产手机以小米为首那突 的就是一个性价比,最近,据韩联社 道,韩国年轻消费群由一度偏爱高端 智能终端转向普及型*低端产品,而 *国智能手机*借较高的性价比开始受 青睐。
相比价*一贯保持*高水准的三星,,*国手机在韩渐受欢迎 求三星*刻心里阴影面积...
最后再来说说一个“一不小心成网红 的事,当然与天王*关哈。
“老板黄鹤吃喝XX,*下了3.5个亿,带 着他的小姨*跑了。 我们没有办法,拿着钱包抵工资。原 都是三百多、二百多、一百多的钱包 通通二十块,通通二十块!”
相信这段吆喝大家都听说过,日前, 个认证为“黄鹤厂长”的用户在微博 相,认证信息“浙江温州江南皮革厂 厂长”,他调侃自己称:我的厂没有 ,小姨*也没有跑。
当时就有温州相关人士表示,真实的 鹤在社会上的债务高达数亿元,绝不 能如*高调地现身网络。果不其然, 今天@黄鹤厂长 的新浪微博就被查封了,截*封杀已 积累了2.5万名粉丝。
微博管理员表示,这名网友通过伪* 料、提供虚假信息,获取新浪微博个 认证身份,构成“身份虚假”,且情 节恶劣。现*据《微博社区管理规定 第三十条,对该用户处理如下:撤销 证,冻结账号。