You will be using a lot of wood, stone and iron ore in the earliest parts of the game. You will run out of them quickly. While thereís a cache of iron ore just north of the farm, gangster mafia games will not last long, nor will the many pockets of stone that can be mined with your pickaxe. You will also very quickly cut down all the nearby trees. All of this means that after a time, you will have to spread further and further out from the farm to get the materials you need. Luckily, thereís an infinite vein of iron ore and coal along a rockwall once youíre able to rebuild and cross the bridge over the river near the Church. And the trees do seem to grow back in certain areas after awhile. If youíre stuck though, you can go buy some materials from the local vendors in the Village, with whom you need to be building a good relationship (to unlock more advanced items to purchase) anyway.

If you pick up a resource that you canít use yet, but suspect you will need later, store it anyway. Chances are, it will come in handy and save you a lot of time later.

Protip: creating materials in a furnace is time consuming. You should aim to always have mineral ore refining (or glass developing, etc.) while you perform other tasks on the farm, and while you sleep at night. Store all the resulting charcoal and graphite for later use in your research.

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