Inside the house is an area where you can prepare and cook food, as well as store some ingredients and items you might need in the mafia mmorpg process. Accessible through a trapdoor is a basement, where you’ll find storage room, as well as the remnants of several old barrels, which you can bust up for some scrap wood and Simple Iron Parts (which you should grab, because you won’t be able to make Simple Iron Parts right away, and they’re needed for many things). Eventually, you will be able to clear the rubble in certain areas of this section so that it opens up and is connected to the morgue, and to the basement underneath the church, which makes doing your cadaver and potion research a lot easier. You will be able to build things in these sections of the games too, including extra trunks, more cadaver tables, special machines for preparing ingredients, a writing desk, and more. More on that later.Instant play mafia online now!


Mafia City is basically a property management sim, and the graveyard is the most important part of the game. Every few days a donkey will come by the path outside your property and dump a corpse at the morgue. It has a decomposition rate and will begin to deteriorate in quality until it is collected and put on the autopsy table beneath the church (the doors to access this are right outside where the bodies are dumped). A bell will ring every time a body is dumped, and the amount it is allowed to decompose will play a part in the quality score of your graveyard, so be sure to get to it quickly.

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