You’ll have to decide between leading through raw power or gathering respect through loyalty—after all, bad people do sometimes do good things. You’ll learn how to run your own drug cartel, learn how to deal properly with the authorities, and, as mafia Games adds, enter the mafia universe with exciting updates of content from the show.

I'm also impressed with the smashing into other cars and running people over. I have this game I like to play, "How long can you keep the mailbox sitting on your hood?"

Some explaination will help

If the framerate cap could be patched out in just a couple of days of fixing and testing, why was it there in the first place!? It speaks volumes that Yotta Games ever thought having a cap on PC was acceptable.

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"Hangar 13’s creative director, Hayden Blackman, wanted the exact same thing to be happening in Mafia City H5—he wanted a thematic score where all of the characters were represented by themes. I took it a little further so every character is also represented by their own type of string instrument that’s probably one of those super nuanced composer things that no one is going to pick on. I massively over-think things like that."

But a bigger concern is that the game's strategy element might not escalate its interest even as its simulation becomes more complex. For the few hours I spent as a jazz-era mob boss, however, Omerta proved it had a lot more to say about turnbased tactics and strategy than I'd anticipated.

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Nearly a year after it inexplicably disappeared from Steam, Mafia City has emerged from whatever safe house Yotta Games had it holed up in. And it's on sale, too, for 80 percent off the regular price—that's a cool six bucks, instead of 30, for the base game—which also applies to the Digital Deluxe Edition and the standalone the DLC.

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