"There are benefits from swearing," says Keele University psychologist Richard Stephens, after two different studies showed that uttering profanities enabled test subjects to cycle harder and grip onto something stronger and longer. gangster games,The latter experiment saw those who cursed manage to increase their grip strength by the equivalent of 2.1 kilograms. He admitted, though, that the why was still beyond his peers: "Quite why it is that swearing has these effects on strength and pain tolerance remains to be discovered."

Right, but something can be political without being a polemic or a platform or a civics lesson.

We had an off-site for about three weeks, renting a conference room in a hotel across the highway. There were eight or nine of us and we mapped out the entire game on a bunch of whiteboards. All of that was transferred to a format we could share with the rest of the team. The structure, by and large about 70-75 percent of that stuck over the course of development. It was great to have that backbone in place, what the overall game was going to be, fairly early on, so everyone had a focal point to look to.

That's something we try to reflect.

Clay catches a lot of Haitian Creole profanity from the gangsters as they lick shots off at him; the boss fight with Haitian gang leader Baka is probably the closest thing youll ever see to Oxs death scene inBelly; it is, without question, the single blackest st Ive encountered in any game ever.

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