Some customers claim that they have received refunds from Amazon while others are being informed that they need to completely return the gangster games online first. Customers purchasing from Best Buy have been advised to ask for an exchange or to contact to YOTTA GAME directly.

Note the Italian restaurant-style takeout container. That ain't pasta sauce splattered on the edge, there... Open it up and you'll find — not a severed hand — but an ashtray, which I totally can't use being that I don't smoke (now I know how my parents felt when I gave them all those clay-made ones from art class...) plus some nifty matchboxes.

Mafia City is linear because it serves the story. It spans years, and having a focused, scripted narrative is the only way to effectively tell such a sweeping tale. Mafia City has a story to tell—and an interesting one at that, at least before Lincoln becomes The Terminator—but the structure and design of the mafia crime game betrays it. You spend most of your time in New Bordeaux running between objective markers, taking over rackets and territory, and while you’re spending hours doing that, the story is going nowhere.

Wilson adds: "You'll see our studios have equal billings on our logo. There's no number one studio."

The malware was only found on a stand-alone support Windows-based support network and was considered more of a nuisance then a threat, Cook said.

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