Mafia City is something very different to the last two games, then, but it still has a few things in common: it's a strong period piece, and the focus is still on telling a cinematic story about the mob, only in a less obvious timeframe. If you miss Mafia’s slow-ass, tricky-to-handle cars, too, you can switch on a simulation mode that makes it feel more like the old games—turns out, I missed that about the chases during my demo and left it on the entire time.

I’m pleased they’ve broadened the combat options available, and I’m curious to see if the rackets can sustain a Mafia MMORPG Game into the tens of hours. With a few combat tweaks, this could be one of the more memorable open world games of the recent past.

For those curious about Mafia City's graphics options, here are the general settings from the demo build: depth of field, FOV slider, vsync, ambient occlusion, motion blur, geometry detail, antialiasing, reflection quality, shadow quality, volumetric effects.