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    How to Clean Up Macbook Storage

    Whether you use iMac, MacBook, Mac mini or Mac Pro, the computer runs slowly after a period of time. Almost everything takes longer. Why does my Mac start to run slowly? What can I clean up MacBook storage? There is an answer and a hint.
    Reason: Hard Drive is Nearly Full
    The reason for a slow Mac is that its hard drive gets full. Therefore, cleaning up your Mac is the first step you should takes.
    In order to clean up Mac hard disk, we usually need to find and delete useless files and programs; identify system garbage that can be safely removed. This may mean a lot of work, and it is very likely to delete the useful files wrongly. A Mac cleaner like iMyMac-Cleaner allows you to do this job easily. iMyMac-Cleaner have 7 powerful features.
    How to Use iMyMac-Cleaner to speed up your Mac.
    Step1: Download in here and Launch iMyMac-Cleaner
    Step2: Choose junk file option and then click "Scan" button to scan your mac cache.
    Step3: Select junk file to clean
    Step4: Clean the mac is finsihed and your mac will speed up.
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    iMyMac-Cleaner is very good software to clean up Macbook storage.

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    When it comes to cleaning up your Macbook's storage, there are a few different things you can do. One is to delete firefox history. This can be done by going into the firefox settings and selecting 'clear history'. Alternatively, you can use a program like CleanMyMac to do this for you. CleanMyMac will also allow you to clean up other files on your Macbook, such as temp files and cache files. It's a good idea to run CleanMyMac on a regular basis to keep your Macbook's storage clean and organized. Thanks for reading!

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