The Last of Us: Is "Zombie Fungus" Real and Can It Turn Humans into Zombies?

The Last of Us, the HBO series based on the acclaimed video game, is thrilling audiences with its chilling tale of a fungus that turns humans into zombies.

According to the story, When humans ingest this fungal spores, The fungus will grow and take control xo168 of the mind. Until the owner of the body loses control and was ordered to climb higher

Parasitic fungi eat their prey from the inside. to extract all the nutrients from the prey's body for the final preparation

BBC Radio 4 host of Inside Health, James Calaher, described it as One scene in the story that's scarier than all horror movies is An image of a dead branch growing from the head of a victim possessed by a zombie fungus. which later These victims spread deadly mold spores around them. In order to infect other humans and turn them into zombies as well.

Galaher says that even though this story is just a horror novel, But it is based on a true story that happened in nature.

Parasitic fungi called Cordyceps and Ophiocordiceps. (Ophiocordyceps) is known as "Zombie fungus" because it can control the body of insects to behave like zombies, and Sir David Attenborough, a famous British naturalist, has presented this story in the Planet Earth documentary series. (Planet Earth) of the BBC showing this fungus manipulating and eating an ant.