and exports, put forward to accelerate compose to build " in the province after entering a life " of 3 strategies passageway is decision-making, fujian lumber imports cedar wood lumber and exports also has a breakthrough, accelerate apparently. Log of leaf of needle of 1-8 month entrance 92792 stere, this is Fujian past years infrequent. Beaverboard, plywood and other lumber have bigger amplitude, but furniture

appears negative growth. (8) look from vinyl fencing panels manufacturer install pvc fencing porudct the price, although have,go up have drop but general trend is steady, go up drop range is not big, along with row with respect to city every stere 5-10 yuan. High grade material, old way material, price is held out firm, still reside do not fall high, average capable Wood plastic composite Wallboard manufacturer person flatly, fir market takes a favourable turn, the price picks up, especially fir trail material is

multi-purpose at treatment, the value is good improve subsequently. After the advantage that the expert inside course of study mixes to the adverse element of produce and sale of cost chain link fence austin influence Fujian lumber undertakes an analysis, think Fujian this year although situation of lumber produce and sale is general already Anacreontic, but not allow blind and hopeful, answer currently mature adverse element and the influence