ompany of papermaking of 10 big pulp occupies the 83 % of countrywide total output, this one market does not allow impact easy. As we have learned, the owner of pulp papermaking travel of Easiest Way To Build Outdoor Patio Fence Russia wants to be controlled by a few big private group companies, these group companies include: Group of general of Er of Yi Limu handkerchief. Its scope of business basically is centered in treatment and sale log respect, c

ontrol pulp production and export at the same time. wood composite tongue and groove decks Up to 2001, this group has Russia 3 in 5 the biggest pulp companies, still have 28 cutting company, hold share in place of market of paper industry finished product nevertheless very small. Season level group. It is main w

ith Aerhangeersike pulp papermaking enterprise is base, Swimming Pool Decks Designs 24 Foot dominant place is had in chipboard market, it is the producer with Russian the biggest corrugated paper, have manufacturer of two corrugated fibreboard. At present company of two Germany lumber had bought Aerhangeersike pulp paper mill the share of 40 % . A place of strategic importance overcomes a husband to block company of Er lumber industry. balcony decking condo It is