furniture line of business and other convention industry are disparate, it is labour of over or across, business the industry of two industries, in the system of market economy,no need to polish pvc ceiling the market decides production, say direct for the market. Modern production, must complementary the sale with modernization, be in " supply exceeds demand " below market condition, without the breakthrough of current domain, production is

hard to develop further, although the how can buy decking cheaply furniture line of business of our country is basic already come true " big market, large current, large trade " pattern, preliminary the sale system that formed our country spy to have, but our country is opposite the research of international furniture market, what is the best plank length for composite decking development respect is very indigent, contemporary sale means was not formed basically, it is more more

primitive be sold continuously or rent bazaar sale, have not have group by group professional furniture jobber or agency, direct marry again is in commercial risk on manufacturer body, this kind of current situation has apparently be contrary to at international convention, the progress that produces a business to timber wall increasing height our country furniture is diversionary very big, make be like,line of business of our country furniture