consumer realises formaldehyde exceeds bid after the seriousness of the harm, affirmation won't care about these 600 yuan of money. So, furniture manufacturer has reason use hardboard tempered panel for fencing to also confidence says to formaldehyde furniture " not " . Manager of plant of some well-known trademark furniture expresses Chengdu, of new GB carry out the wish that is them. He told a such stories to the reporter: Last year in October, company

of a foreign capital finds a works actively in, the Wood Composite Outdoor Decking Prices Lowes villatic family property that asks to order family property of office of one a complete set of and general manager of a foreign nationality, but requirement product must accord with standard of national environmental protection, manufacturer still must offer the environmental cheap picket fencing panels protection of all raw material to prove material. Face this nearly 300 thousand yuan order,

attended a meeting a few times to decide no less than coming in the factory, it is to his production craft is not at ease on one hand; On the other hand raw material is purchased also is a Compressive Strength Of Composite Decking difficult problem, because tender material is amounted to on the market too little, final this business does not have make it. The product of enterprise of of the same age fails in the examination that Jiangsu saves pass a barrier, incur