available front entry fences. Kinds of Front Entry fences Front entry fences come in variety of materials. fences are available in wood, steel, fiberglass, wood composite, and aluminum. Each one of these materials offers specific features (not all of them good) that you must be aware of before purchasing. Wood fences for example have the potential to
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be one of the more cost effective materials, but require much maintenance and are the most likely to need replacement after several years. Most wood fences have very limited warranties. Steel fences are the most expensive, but are the most durable when it comes to withstanding the elements and require no maintenance from the homeowner. Front
Entry fence Designs These fences are designated front entry fences but can really be hung anywhere that you choose. They are usually pre-hung and place in the prefabricated fence ways that are created by builders. The fences are easily customized with options such as glass panels, grille patterns, transoms, hardware colors, fence colors, texture
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