If you're one of the players in PES/eFootball there who have switched to FIFA we'd like to welcome you. I know it's been rough having to be patiently waiting for "Friends Mode" which means we can at the very least play with our best friends, but this game is as close to PES Dribbling as you're ever going to get.

Enjoy it before you hear the "it's not responsive crowd" shouts and EA starts patching the game. When I'm on the ball, I can left-stick to get out of the way I can block players and turn them and the basic areas of dribbling have all been improved since last year.

I'm a big fan of the feeling when you're using the ball. It is also important to have games that recreate the different characteristics of players. Tanks with the characteristics of Yaya Toure ought to have a different feel than a young Neymar. Most players will fall in between because those two examples are extremes.

But the feeling of weight and enough strength and control to conquer uphills with a quick turn of the left hand is the reason I adored PES and am thoroughly loving the dribbling mechanics in FIFA 23. It's not my style to be a guy, even in real life , I would prefer the lower center of gravity dribblers, like Messi and Hazard as opposed to step-over traders like Antony as well as Saint Maximin. Technical dribbling helps players like myself bridge the gap in skill online while honing it offline.

One of the most significant modifications to FIFA 23 will be the brand new Accelerate feature. The sluggish behaviors that players complain about are due to ratings and lack of knowledge of the feature. Here's a screenshot from an earlier EA blog that details the three different archetypes for players:

These player archetypes are completely focused on their ratings, and it's important to understand the players you have and what they will respond and move when incorporating these factors into the equation. For an overview, here's a fantastic Twitter thread on the process and the effect it has on players.

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