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    Is it bad to give a watch?

    I heard somewhere that if a person is presented with a wristwatch, then you will quarrel, is this true?

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    A long time ago my sister was given womens diamond watches as a gift. Since my sister was a metalhead at the time she immediately gave them to me. I was 10-12 years old. And then one day I forgot them in my pants pocket, which were white, and my grandmother decided to wash them. Naturally, when I realized that the watch was in the wash along with my pants, I started to cry. I sat and thought what I would tell my sister. My sister never found out about this case. For a long time I wanted to buy similar watches, but I did not like any of the models. I had my eye on one such watch a year ago but stores were closed while I was deciding to buy it. So I did not buy.