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    Maybe you have known before, Bloxorz is one of the most interesting puzzle games.
    In this game, we use a little math, memory, and logical thinking to control a cube which disappears when reaching the red destination. In contrast, this game supports and improve our math, memory, logical thinking.
    You can play it by any smart devices like iPhone or iPod.

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    I also like Bloxorz game. It's a very challenging roll puzzle game designed for every one who enjoys logic and math game. The goal of the game is to put the magic bloxorz to the destination by rolling it. Its socioball and nintaii design is amazing too. GB WhatsApp Download

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    Yeah, man, I tried this game and I was very surprised while playing this game. This game pushed my logical thinking ahead to one step. And, my math and memory become very sharp after playing this game. Thanks for sharing it.


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    Word Guess, unlock hidden words, and complete as many daily puzzles as you like with contexto . Let's challenge our brains with a round of contexto, a word guessing game.

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