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    What is a narrative essay and how does it differ from a descriptive essay?

    The narrative essay, which is similar to a descriptive or reflective essay, asks you not only to tell a story but also to present evidence or support an opinion. It can be a lived, personal experience that you have had (e.g., the story of your first big success), or it could be imagined and based on your life.

    A narrative essay doesnt require you to give a thesis, supporting paragraphs, or a conclusion. However, it should be well-structured and organized so that your reader can follow your story. A narrative essay that is well-structured and organized will allow the reader to follow your story. It should also include a meaningful statement, which goes beyond simply listing details and events.

    A narrative essay is a type of essay that you might be asked for.
    While narrative essays are less common than expository essays and argumentative essays, they are still a popular choice in high school and college composition classes. These essays are similar in style and structure to admissions essays or descriptive essays. They also require personal statements to be submitted as part of an application to a university. You can use many of the same writing methods to write narrative essays.

    How to choose a topic in a narrative essay
    Narrative essays can cover any narrative essay topics that interests you. A topic might be given to you when you're asked to write your narrative essay. Or you may be free to choose one.

    If the topic is assigned, the prompt can be either specific or open-ended.

    Examples specific prompts

    Write about your most memorable vacation.

    Write about your last year of middle school.

    Examples for open-ended prompts:

    Write about a time you felt hopeless.

    Write about a small, yet significant event that had a profound impact on you.

    It's important to emphasize that a narrative essay is all about telling a story. Every good story centers on some kind of conflict. Choose a topic that's not just about a routine event. Experiments that involve unexpected twists and turns, obstacles and other surprises, make for better essays. They also reveal more about your character, your perspective on life, and the people you are writing about.

    Writing a narrative essay for admissions purposes is a good idea. The people who read it will not only be able to judge your writing abilities but also your character. You should choose a topic that is relevant to your life and demonstrates the qualities being asked.

    You should also remember that your topic choice is only a starting point. Many students find that their first drafts are filled with new ideas and insights. The final version of your essay could have a completely different focus from the one you started.

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