like some natural organic products, some consumers are also blind to European standards. As everyone knows, this may be an environmental trap for children's furniture companies. Open a cool online mall will find that it claims to be the only child in the field of furniture using European E0-level environmental protection sheet companies.
A quantitative explanation is given, that is, the formaldehyde emission amount of E1 sheet is 1.5mg/L, while the formaldehyde emission amount of E0 sheet sheet is 0.5mg/L. Not only that, Cool Man lived in the merchandise details to further prove that he has exceeded the EU E0 standard and the formaldehyde content is only 0.3mg/L.
As one of the coolest online sales, its outstanding environmental protection level may be one of its success factors. Coincidentally, Colorful Life is also drying up its own transcripts on its official website. Its formaldehyde content is only 0.3mg/L,
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