thumbs pointed the same direction. Just , imagine how hitchhikers have their thumb up. When, you have your club in the air, your thumbs should point upwards. There are other things you can think about as well that will help you have your hands in the correct position to improve golf swing technique. If, your giving a handshake then your hands will be the same as when your playing golf. Also, if you have a remote control in your hand, then most likely they will be in the same position.

Tip 2: You want to make sure you don't swing too quickly. While swinging the club , you should maintain a rhythm to improve your golf swing. While, you have the club in the air, you should pause before you bring the club back down. This will help you get the ball farther more often.

Tip 3: While swinging the golf club, you need to keep weight on the inner side of your right foot, and also have a slight bend in the knee. If you don't do this, then you may not have as much power in your swing. While you have the club back behind you , just make sure your right knee is braced. Doing this, will help improve golf swing and send that ball far.

Tip 4: Your wrists aren't the things that give you the power in golf. The part of the body that gives the ball the power is your leg muscles. People who are new to golf will try to use their wrists, and sometimes this might work. However, for more power more often, use your body and leg muscles.

Tip 5: You don't need to hit the ball hard into the breeze; this will only send the ball with more spin and make it go higher. You need to hit the ball lower with more control, so keep the ball a few inches in front of you and have your hands forward. In the breeze , use a longer club then you normally would use, and just swing with ease.

Tip 6: You need a good balance to have a consistent swing. You need to hit the ball with your feet close together. This