I've now decided that I enjoy playing Runescape and would rather not go back to f2p, therefore I'm purchasing membership and RuneScape gold that is where I need a bit of help. I've decided I want to be a variety pure and maybe add something in the future. So please reply any questions that are able to! I'm beginning with nothing, as my old account with all the money on it was created after the 25k commerce limitation was set back into place. So what's the best ability to create a ton of money? (rather members to try something new) I plan on getting this skill to 99 and making as much money as possible off it before starting to train. (please list top 3 if possible)

What's the best pk'ing pure? I understand range/2h'ers are unworthy in f2p, but about p2p? This could be an account which has absolutely everything that it needs, with no cash limitations at all. I'm sure I'll have additional questions, but this for starters. If anyone wants pictures of the way I obtained the free membership I screen-shotted it and it is still on my desktop computer. Not certain why I made it, possibly it was a test for something they're offering in the long run?

Are my claws worth selling? I just have 1.5M spare besides my claws. Slayer. What is worthwhile? What's better? SS and above or a fury? Barrows:Should I do black sallies, afterward for Karil/Ahrim, what should I wear? If a ss has the very same stats as a whip, why can it be good for slaying? It's like no shield with it? Is your ss's special good? What's better? SS or Brackish with D Def? How long would a d-def take to get?

Can the barrows special just work if you've got the whole set? Is there anything you would say is well worth doing and is enjoyable? For slayer, I heard that the Cannon can attack and you could also attack. Should I take one to every undertaking? What does my inv. Look like for slayer? What does my inv. Better to stove or melee Ahrims/Karils? Can you havea manual for sallies? How exactly do I do them? Should I market my claws for cash and equipment? If I want to kill green dragoners or green dragon spiders... what is the best way?

Any tactics/set ups and anything to understand about them. I can have Earth Wave. Bridding: How/what do I hybrid with in a secure minigame? White FFA... any decent combos? W/o ancients. Only need to fool around. I know how to produce the rift bots skull however what about the deeper bots? Can I change helms everytime I change my style? (Like Berserker to Archer to Farseer) What gear do I purchase? (Like baskets, etc.) Food, any armor? I want to stock up correctly since I wish to OSRS buy gold perform slayer as far as I can.

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