RuneScape has a history of 20 years, with hundreds of millions of players. Before the 20th anniversary, many players started to have doubts about RuneScape. Some old players are going to abandon the game, and some new players are considering whether to enter the game. Others just want to give up rs3 and only play osrs.

Since its launch, Osrs has become a favorite of most RuneScape players. It is full of challenging and rich missions, and many players become members. Jagex has been proposing new game content, rich and exciting festivals, and has always attracted players. But for some players, they are a little tired and short of time, and more new games make them give up. I even saw some players sold all their equipment and OSRS Gold in the forum because of the slowness of the game and the boring mechanics.

The p2w and dat of RuneScape3 have become the biggest critics. Some old players have become unbearable for treasure hunters, keys, and MTX. However, some players feel that as long as they can overcome MTX-related issues, Rs3 is still a very worthwhile version. Open the Ironman mode account, and you can still buy the action bar, library space and library presets. RS3 is essentially a super AFK. The key lies in what you think. If you don't care about XP and high scores, then it is not P2W.

Some rs3 players have been annoyed by some compulsive behaviors and have a feeling of being abandoned. The focus of Jagex seems to be on osrs, osrs players will not feel that way, and the constantly updated tasks and activities make them continue to be attracted. According to data from, the number of players Buy Old School Runescape Gold is significantly more than that of buying RS Gold, but the total number of purchasers has hardly changed. Will you continue to stick to rs3? Maybe you will give up rs3 in 2020, but osrs will still be a good choice.