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10-13-2016, 01:48 AM
In this paper, the function and structure design of the typical stone distributor of the synchronous gravel seal car are studied in depth. Based on the research and development status of the domestic and foreign synchronous gravel seal car stone spreader, a reasonable structure of the stone spreader is put forward , This study can provide reference for the renewal design of synchronous gravel seal car. In this case.Small Road Roller - Shanghai Doan Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd (http://smallroadroller.com/)

Synchronous gravel sealing technology is the use of special equipment will be asphalt binder and stone debris material simultaneously spread (sprinkled) in the asphalt pavement to ensure that between the asphalt and gravel with the largest surface covering strength, rolling by natural traffic Or a tire roller to form a monolayer asphalt abrasive attrition layer. The construction process is mainly used as the surface layer of the road surface can also be used for the construction of low-grade highway surface layer, gravel seal after treatment of the road surface has good anti-skid performance and water seepage performance. With the advancement of hydraulic and electronic control technology, the performance of synchronous gravel seal vehicle is becoming more and more perfect, the intelligence level is also increasing, and the quality requirements of gravel spreading are also increasing. In this case.
The Status Quo of Gravel Spreader Technology
The accuracy of gravel spreading is an important performance index of synchronous gravel seal car. In construction work, two methods are often used to determine the uniformity of gravel spreading, one is the weight difference of gravel overlay in the unit area, suitable for the construction of the gravel density uniformity; the other is gravel in the unit area Of the difference in the number of particles, suitable for the construction of a single particle size. In this case.
The spreading amount of gravel is mainly controlled by adjusting the material door opening and the rotation speed of the drum, and the roller can control the spreading amount of the gravel under the small spreading amount. After the rotating speed reaches a certain level, As the rotation speed of the drum increases, the rotation speed of the drum is generally set to a constant value in controlling the spreading amount, and the spreading amount is controlled by adjusting the material opening degree. At present, most of the domestic control of spreading the amount of manual control, there are individual manufacturers can achieve automatic control, but because of stone density, particle size and other characteristics of large differences in the actual effect of automatic control is not ideal. In this case.
There are many factors that affect the accuracy of horizontal spreading, these factors generally can not be controlled in the course of operation; the factors that affect the precision of longitudinal spreading are the stability of speed, the stability of material opening mechanism and so on. The improvement of dispenser spreading method, structure, component arrangement and spreading control mode are the main measures to improve dispenser spreading precision.
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