View Full Version : Which points should be take into consideration when we purchase the printer.

08-10-2017, 06:37 AM
1, Do not buy the cheapest printer.
If you decide to use the official cartridge, then when you buy the printer, we need to consider the price of printer at first and then pay attention to the price of ink cartridge (https://www.v4ink.com). In general speaking, the cheapest printer, the cartridge is more expensive. So the cost is more expensive if the cheapest printer is used for a long time, because we need to replace the cartridge within some time.
2, Do not buy three-color ink cartridges:
If you need to print color documents, then you'd better choose a color corresponding to a kind of independent ink cartridges. If your printer that a "color cartridge" contains red, green, blue three colors, then for example, you print a lot of blue material, blue ink runs out, your printer will stop working, let you replace the color ink cartridges, and even if the red ink and green ink is still full, then you can only throw it away. But if the printer's color cartridge is separate, the blue ink is gone, and you only need to replace the blue cartridge. Red and green can continue to use.
3.Do not buy the original cartridge if the original cartridge work off.
When we purchase the printer, the suppler will tell us if the cartridge is work off, you have to change the original cartridge instead of other brand toner cartridge. As a professional printer buyer, I recommended that we can buy other brand toner cartridge if the original cartridge work off. For example, the printer brand is HP, we can search HP toner cartridge supplier on the Google. Then it will show so many page to noted different mode HP cartridge printer. Then you can browse each website to find the best price and good quality toner cartridge. Such as we Google HP CF400X (https://www.v4ink.com/Hp-CF400X-201X-Black-Toner-Cartridge-for-Hp-Color-LaserJet)/201X Compatible Toner Cartridge, then we can find so many result, open each page and compare the price and quality. We also can use the Amazon to place the order. It can help us save a lots of money.