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09-12-2018, 12:01 AM
According to the requirements,http://terredesjeunes.org/kreyol, processed foods should avoid cross contamination between raw and cooked foods. Early warning shows that processed foods must be controlled within two hours of supply and consumption. During the processing and making of cold dishes, the food and beverage units and canteens that supply cold dishes must be "five specialties" (special rooms, special persons, special disinfection facilities, special refrigerated facilities, special tools). It is strictly forbidden to produce cold dishes without cold dishes or in the cold dishes. It is strictly forbidden to use uncleaned tool containers and strictly prohibit non cold dish operators. Unauthorized access to cold dish and uncleaned vegetables and fruits in cold dishes is strictly forbidden. It is strictly forbidden to store items that are not related to the production of cold dishes. It is strictly forbidden to purchase cold dishes directly from the cooked food in bulk,http://terredesjeunes.org/kreyol, and the cold dishes between cold dishes and air disinfection facilities are normal operation, and the cold dish operators should wear their working clothes before processing cold dishes. Hats, masks, hands must be cleaned and sanitized.
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