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07-21-2016, 01:18 AM
Combined with cement concrete pavement engineering, discussion of expansion joint caulking material, contraction joints and caulk caulking material effect longitudinal seam joints in the concrete pavement.road maintenance machinery and maintenance of mechanized ... (http://bestroadmaintenancemachinery.com/Blog/270.html)

With the popularity of sliding mechanization level of construction technology and improve the quality and application of China's cement concrete pavement for a long period of time will maintain rapid growth. However, due to the high cement concrete pavement modulus of rigidity, load, temperature, wet and dry large deformation seams provided a lot of seams easily damaged. Therefore, the study of cement concrete pavement joint material has important practical value for construction of cement concrete pavement.Rational structure of irrigation sewing machine (http://bestroadmaintenancemachinery.com/Blog/148.html)

Expansion Joint caulk
Expansion Joint Board caulk include expansion joints, expansion joints of the upper portion of the caulking material and a binder. Expansion joints and rubber caulking strips should be able to adapt to the expansion and contraction of the concrete pavement, with no deformation easy installation and construction, not brittle fracture, recovery rate, good sealing, anti-embedded, strong cutting ability and excellent durability and other properties.
Expansion Joint Expansion Joint plate 1 plate has a variety of wood, fibreboard asphalt, rubber foam board, foam board and various fiber composite resin sheet, to use performanceRoad maintenance machinery product bar code (http://bestroadmaintenancemachinery.com/Blog/6.html)

Cement Coagulation
Soil pavement expansion joints plates used, not only to ensure the plate deformation is small, but to be completely cut off the concrete, without gaps and are not damaged joints. Care must be taken during the construction, as long as the board is not completely cut off the expansion joints of concrete, expansion joints must be squeezed bad.asphalt pavement machine (http://groovingmachines.com/blog/assistance-transportation-reconstruction.html)

A variety of soft foam sheet, due to lack of its erect rigidity can not meet its sliding continuous extrusion paving requirements, swelling by paver to cement concrete pavement cracks can not be used. At present, the sliding highway paving project, the best performance of the expansion joints to Changde, Yiyang plate is used in highway foam rubber plate, compression stiffness and resistance to chemical and biological attack are quite excellent corrosion.Best Road Maintenance Machinery - Doan Machinery (http://bestroadmaintenancemachinery.com/index.html)